Hipstamatic? Just the Beginning!

Today, the brave, new digital world of iPhoneography reaches light-years beyond the first app – “Hipstamatic” – that most iPhone users have come to know. Thousands of down-loadable and affordable apps are now available to take iPhone photo-art to nearly endless levels and nuances of personal, visual expression.

image courtesy of student, Brigitte Bathgate

image courtesy of student, Brigitte Bathgate

iPhoneography: Advanced Expression is The Compelling Image’s newest course addition, designed to guide you through an amazing cornucopia of creative tools for the iPhoneographer who’s mastered the basics and is ready for more.

Join this advanced voyage with internationally-acclaimed iPhoneographer, Laura Peischl. Still places left for the November 7th maiden online and interactive start. And if you can’t make this one, new sessions of this exciting course start each and every Monday. Take your next creative step and SIGN UP NOW!

One Comment on “Hipstamatic? Just the Beginning!

  1. http://bit.ly/vqJugn i posted a few brief thoughts on this last week with a few images from around the new delhi railway station. just delving into it, i find that iPhonigraphica spurs on the creativity. all the best with the workshop.

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